Lawn Aeration Services in Medford, OR

Have you ever wondered why your lawn looks unhealthy and remains sparse despite frequent watering and mowing? This is probably because your soil needs aeration. Maintaining a healthy lawn involves a lot of work, and one of the steps that many homeowners fail to do is aeration.

Lawn aeration is the process of perforating the soil with holes in order to allow water and fertilizer to penetrate the grass down to its roots. Through this process, carbon dioxide is removed from the soil, allowing fresh oxygen to move in its place. This prevents soil compaction and controls thatch growth, allowing the grass to grow healthy.

While there are a lot of great lawn care and landscaping maintenance companies that provide lawn aeration services for the Medford area, if you want outstanding results and superb customer service, New City Lawn Care is the best choice. Booking a lawn aeration appointment is hassle-free and convenient. Just call us at 541-664-LAWN (5296) or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

Lawn Aeration: The Key to a Great-Looking Lawn

Most of the fertile topsoil that once existed in residential and commercial lawns has already been removed, replaced, or buried in the midst of construction work. As a result, the grass is forced to grow in a compact subsoil that often has high clay content. Additionally, frequent foot traffic, rain, and erosion also make the soil more compact, providing little to no room for the roots to breathe and steadily grow.

Because compacted soil is denser, this will cause the water to form into a puddle and run off, instead of penetrating the soil deeper until it reaches the roots. Lawn aeration can treat soil compaction and eliminate many of the problems caused by this. This process brings back the beauty of your lawn and allows the grass to grow deeper and greener. For best results, we recommend aerating most lawns at least once a year to maintain a thick, lush, and green lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

For most areas, lawn aeration should be done on a regular basis in order for your lawn to achieve its full potential. Here are some of the benefits that your lawn receives from our lawn aeration services:

  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Allows oxygen, water, nutrients, and fertilizer to penetrate the roots of the grass
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Produces stronger turfgrass roots
  • Controls thatch growth
  • Reduces water runoff and puddles
  • Improves lawn resiliency and tolerance to heat and drought
  • Lessens the need for frequent watering

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Your goals of having the healthiest, lushest, and greenest lawn can become a reality with our lawn aeration services. While other Medford landscaping maintenance companies often only provide you with only the basic lawn care services, we provide you with a complete array of lawn care and landscaping maintenance services, including lawn aeration. For all of your lawn maintenance needs, please give us a call at 541-664-LAWN (5296) or send us an online quote request, and we will assist you right away!