Lawn Repair Service in Medford, OR

Lawns play an important part in the fabric of the American family’s way of life. A properly maintained lawn serves as an oasis of relaxation for the family, a welcoming site for guests, and a playground for children. They help us connect with our neighbors, but at the same time, they also set boundaries and give us a means to privacy.

However, in order to achieve a great lawn aesthetically, your grass requires year-round maintenance and service, which is next to impossible given most peoples’ busy schedules, lack of technical knowledge, and inaccessibility to proper landscaping equipment. This is where lawn care and landscaping maintenance companies such as New City Lawn Care come in.

At New City Lawn Care in Medford, Oregon, we offer a quality lawn repair service to restore your lawn and keep it looking its best. Our technicians are knowledgeable and can offer all types of lawn repair services including dethatching and overseeding. Call us at 541-664-LAWN (5296) to request a free estimate or book a lawn repair service appointment today.

Why You Need Professional Lawn Repair Service

If your lawn is looking brown, damaged, and is bare in spots, you might be tempted to do the lawn care on your own. After all, it seems easy enough to do, right? However, it is very important to diagnose the problem first, before treating or trying to repair your lawn. If you do not determine the root cause of the problem, then fixing the lawn on your own would just be an exercise in futility.

Once the problem has been diagnosed by a lawn repair service professional, the second step is to deal with the problem properly and quickly so that the damage does not spread to other areas. There is also the danger of weeds growing rapidly in bare areas that have been left untreated. Additionally, addressing the problems quickly can help you avoid the possibility of having to start from scratch if the damage becomes too great to be repaired.

In most cases lawn repair is a complicated process requiring accurate knowledge and skill. Therefore, it is for the best that you hire a lawn repair company such as New City Lawn Care to handle the service for you. At New City Lawn Care, we are known around the Medford metro area for our lawn repair expertise and approachability when it comes to asking questions about your lawn.

Our Lawn Repair Services

New City Lawn Care provides efficient lawn repair service for residents throughout the Medford area including in Central Point, Medford, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Eagle Point, White City, Gold Hill, Rogue River, and Jacksonville. Here is a list of a few of the lawn repair services we can do for you:

  • De-thatching: Thatch is the natural build up of leaves, stems, roots, and other organic material in between the soil and grass blades. Thatch is usually good for your lawn because it mulches into the soil and improves the grass’ tolerance of mower and foot traffic. However, it can become a problem if this layer becomes too thick and forms an impenetrable layer that prevents water, sunlight, oxygen, and other nutrients from reaching the soil. If you notice that the thatch is more than ½ inch thick, then de-thatching is likely necessary.
  • Over-seeding: If your lawn is worn out or looks sparse and bare, this can be an open invitation for weed growth. In this case, overseeding can help your lawn to look as good as new. Overseeding is the planting of turfgrass seeds in order to repair thin and bare spots in your lawn. This can be done using a mechanical slit or a slicing overseeding machine.

Contact Us for the Best Lawn Repair Service in Medford

As expert lawn care technicians and specialists, you can be sure that our lawn repair services will vastly improve the quality of your lawn. So if you have been searching for landscaping maintenance companies in Medford, know that your lawn will be in good hands with New City Lawn Care. Call us today at 541-664-LAWN (5296) to learn more!